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Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy has proven to help those suffering from arthritis, chronic stress, neck and back pain, headaches and many other soft tissue injuries or conditions.

Our passionate and experienced Registered Massage therapists have:

  • 3000 hours of training, the highest standards in North America
  • the education to recognize when a patient may need to see a doctor
  • a regulatory body that ensures the public receives safe, ethical care
  • mandatory, continuing education and upgrading


 Jane Abbott RMT

Jane graduated from Utopia Academy Faculty of Massage Therapy. She joined Central Park Chiropractic & Massage in the Fall of 2011. Jane has experience in a variety of therapeutic techniques including myofascial release, muscle energy, trigger point release, and neuromuscular therapy. Jane`s treatment background includes sports injuries, repetative strain, MVA, and chronic pain. As a lifelong participant in a variety of sports. Jane leads an active lifestyle as a marathon runner, triathlete, swimmer, and volleyball player.


Lea Nickel, RMT

Lea Nickel, RMT graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Lea has experience treating a wide variety of conditions, a few of which being muscle strains, lower back pain, motor vehicle accidents, headaches, sports injuries and pregnancy. She has a passion for helping patients achieve their health goals and would love to be part of your health care team. In her spare time Lea enjoys hiking and kayaking. Her services include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, lymph drainage, myofascial release and soft tissue rehabilitation.


Taylor Oomen, RMT

Taylor is an RMT graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour program. She has had experience working at many outreaches, clinics, and events including UBC Varsity Athletics, BC Women’s Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Whistler Gran Fondo, Ride to Conquer Cancer, and local marathons. Along side her time spent at the clinic helping people achieve their optimal health and well-being, Taylor leads an active and healthy lifestyle. Her services include: Myofascial Release; Muscle Energy Techniques; Manual Lymph Drainage; Swedish Massage; PNF Stretching; Musculo-tendinous attachment release; Craniosacral Techniques; Postural Imbalances and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation.