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Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy has proven to help those suffering from arthritis, chronic stress, neck and back pain, headaches and many other soft tissue injuries or conditions.

Our passionate and experienced Registered Massage therapists have:

  • 3000 hours of training, the highest standards in North America
  • the education to recognize when a patient may need to see a doctor
  • a regulatory body that ensures the public receives safe, ethical care
  • mandatory, continuing education and upgrading

Bethany Niedjalski, RMT

Bethany Niedjalski is an registered massage therapy (RMT) graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. During her time at school, she participated in many outreaches, which included Canucks Place Children’s Hospice, BC Woman’s Hospital, UBC track and field and the MS clinic at the college to name a few.  She has experience treating a wide range of conditions but takes a particular interesting in low back pain and tension headaches.  As part of her multi-focal practice, Bethany believes in educating her patients to encourage them to become active participants in their therapy. She also believes in working together with her patients other health care providers to meet their goals.

Taylor Oomen, RMT

Taylor believes in creating treatment plans that are specific and individual and is dedicated to treating your symptoms of pain and dysfunction, including the underlying causes. She has experience in athletic and soft tissue injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal work, MVA related injuries, muscle imbalances and postural concerns. Taylor is a RMT graduate from West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour program. She has had experience working at many outreaches, clinics, and events including UBC Varsity Athletics, BC Women’s Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Whistler Gran Fondo, Ride to Conquer Cancer, and local marathons. Her services include: Myofascial Release; Muscle Energy Techniques; Manual Lymph Drainage; Swedish Massage; PNF Stretching; Musculo-tendinous attachment release; Craniosacral Techniques; Postural Imbalances and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation. Along side her time spent at the clinic helping people achieve their optimal health and well being, Taylor has expanded her reach into teaching and volunteerism with the community. She loves to lead an active and healthy lifestyle as an athlete and outdoors enthusiast.

Sae Yamasaki, RMT

Sae completed her RMT education at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Prior to becoming an RMT, she had a decade of hands-on experience as a shiatsu therapist. She has worked with people of all shapes and sizes, from office workers to athletes to seniors in care homes. Whether the concern is stress reduction or pain relief, research shows that massage therapy is an effective optimizer of the body’s ability to heal and repair itself. Sae is a strong believer in this, and takes an orthopedic approach to understanding and treating the body, within its capabilities and limitations. Her proficiencies include a variety of corrective techniques, among which are myofascial, neuromuscular, PNF, and trigger point techniques, as well as joint mobilizations.  Complementary to massage therapy is Sae’s years of experience as a residential care aid for adults with developmental disabilities and mental health conditions. Work aside,  she is an animal-lover, a tea-snob, and is locally grown!

Max Naftulyev, RMT

Max graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy’s 3-year registered massage therapy  program. He chose a career in massage therapy because of a lifelong interest in health fitness and longevity. His education included extensive clinical training for clients with a variety of conditions including spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, pregnancy, postural, and sports related injuries. He utilizes many treatment techniques including myofascial release, joint mobilizations, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point release, and muscle energy technique just to name a few.

Max has volunteered his professional time during Baker Mountain Cyclists Tournament, BMO Vancouver Marathon, and the Varsity Swim Olympic team at Simon Fraser University, where he assessed and treated a variety of sport injuries. He also enjoyed providing massage therapy at George Pearson Centre for patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Poliomyelitis and Fibromyalgia conditions as well as at Royal Columbian Hospital in Pre & Postnatal unit.

Max always strives to assist his patient’s goals by providing specific recovery techniques as well as working alongside his patients towards their full recovery.   In his spare time, Max enjoys of kettlebell training, as well as Reiki practice, Qigong and advanced meditation techniques.