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Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Chiropractic Care, Shockwave Therapy | 0 comments

Chiropractic care for Whiplash

Chiropractic care for Whiplash

“Study says 74% of Chronic Whiplash Patients Improved with Chiropractic Care”
A symptomatic classification of whiplash injury and the implications for treatment.
Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine 1999;21(1):22-25

The most common causes of whiplash are:
Car accidents
Contact sport injuries
Blows to the head
Being assaulted and/or shaken

Whiplash takes time to develop. You may think you are all right afterwards, but slowly the typical symptoms and stiffness, or tightness in the shoulders may develop. So even if you don’t have pain immediately following a neck injury, you should make an appointment to see your chiropractor. Whiplash can have long-term effects on your health, and in the long run it can be associated with other spinal condition such as osteoarthritis and joint pain and premature disc degeneration (faster aging of the spine).

Whiplash symptoms:
▪ Neck pain
▪ Neck swelling
▪ Tenderness along the back of your neck
▪ Muscle spasms (in the side or back of your neck)
▪ Difficulty moving your neck around
▪ Headaches
▪ Pain shooting from your neck into either shoulder or arm
The sooner after the injury that symptoms develop, the greater the chance of serious damage. If you have suffered a Whiplash-type injury to the neck, chiropractic care is a good choice to reduce pain and return proper mechanics to the cervical spine.
For more information and a consultation to determine whether chiropractic care is right for you or someone you know, call our office at 604-439-1230.

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