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Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy has proven to help those suffering from arthritis, chronic stress, neck and back pain, headaches and many other soft tissue injuries or conditions.

Our passionate and experienced Registered Massage therapists have:

  • 3000 hours of training, the highest standards in North America
  • the education to recognize when a patient may need to see a doctor
  • a regulatory body that ensures the public receives safe, ethical care
  • mandatory, continuing education and upgrading

Cristy Harvey Sanchez, RMT

Cristy is a Registered Massage Therapist with CMTBC, she graduated from The Alberta College of Massage Therapy (2019) and The Utah College of Massage Therapy (2004). She has completed over 2200 hours of training & all regulated exams required to be a massage therapist in BC. She is a member of The Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA) and registered with The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC). She has trained and worked in world-class spas on Crystal Cruise ships. She completed deep structural work training at The Rolfing Institute in Boulder, CO where she completed Unit 1 in Rolfing/Structural Integration. With over 15 years of experience, Cristy has treated all different types of health conditions such as; neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, tennis and golfer’s elbow, car accident injuries, lower back pain, sciatica, hip pain, arthritis, sports injuries, TMJ disorders, computer-related injuries, pregnancy-related symptoms and many other aches, pains and joint stiffness.

Cristy’s desire is to eliminate tension through her therapeutic and caring touch. She enjoys incorporating all the different techniques and modalities to create a relaxing and therapeutic massage

Christina Nguyen, RMT

Christina graduated from the Registered Massage Therapy program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Christina is a fitness enthusiast that enjoys participating in powerlifting. This hobby has inspired her to pursue a hands-on career in massage therapy. Christina focuses on developing patient centered goals and creating a thorough individual treatment plan for each patient as everyone’s body is different. In her treatments she uses a variety of massage therapy techniques including deep tissue massage, trigger point release, PNF stretching, joint mobilization and Swedish massage.

Kayle Zapanta, RMT

Kayle, a Registered Massage Therapist, graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She is passionate in helping people and has a desire to gain a greater understanding of the health and wellness of the body. In this day and age, people are unaware of the various stresses in their daily lives that puts a toll on their bodies. She believes massage therapy can help these people protect, restore, and maintain their bodies. After personally seeing the benefits of massage treatments in herself and in family/friends, she decided to pursue this career path.

She believes the comfort and health of the client is the highest priority. It is important to her that every treatment is personalized, reflecting the lifestyle and activities of each of her clients, ensuring that the treatments provided will be as beneficial as possible. In the treatment room, she will be performing an assessment prior to creating a better/safe treatment plan for the clients. The techniques that she will be using can vary from Swedish, myofascial release, joint mobilization, and active/passive stretches depending on the client’s needs. After every treatment, she educates the clients on self-care to increase their recovery time, as well as prevent future injury.

In her spare time she loves to dance, listen to music, watch Kdramas, play volleyball, and hang out with her family and friends. She also loves to travel and learn different types of languages and cultures.

Mikayla Ritter, RMT

Mikayla Ritter graduated In August 2017 from the WCCMT with a diploma in massage therapy and received her official RMT designation in November 2017.

Mikayla previously worked as a lifeguard/swim coach in the Chilliwack Aquatic center, which also had a very busy RMT clinic. After talking with multiple people who were using massage therapy for rehabilitative purposes, Mikayla was intrigued about therapeutic approach of Massage Therapy. It was at this point that Mikayla took steps to achieve her goal in becoming an RMT; she just knew she wanted to be a part of this profession.

Mikayla likes to incorporate a variety of techniques in her treatment style; such as Swedish massage, trigger point release, myofascial, and stretching to name a few. Mikayla believes that our bodies have an incredible ability to heal on their own, and that massage therapy can help facilitate in this process.

Outside of the clinic, Mikayla enjoys staying active outdoors with hiking, snowshoeing, and running.