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Posted by on Sep 20, 2014 in Chiropractic Care | 0 comments

Lose Weight Through Chiropractic Care

Lose Weight Through Chiropractic Care

Over half of all Americans are said to be on a diet at any given time. Losing weight is a nation wide obsession and one of the most difficult things to do. There are many reasons it is difficult to lose weight, lack of time, lack of motivation, pain and illness. While millions of dollars are spent each year on diet fads, equipment, special food and even risky surgery, there has to be a simpler and cheaper way to start on the road toward better health. Chiropractic care can treat various ailments of the body that inhibit weight loss and the ability to exercise. It is a drug free, non-invasive alternate to the traditional means of losing weight.

Chiropractic care uses a variety of techniques, including manual manipulation, massage and stretching to correct any misalignments or injuries to the spine and surrounding areas. In chiropractic practice, the body is treated as a whole and all treatment is done to locate and treat the source of the problem, rather than the symptoms. Because the body is looked at as a whole, chiropractors believe that a problem in the spine can have far reaching effects on the body both internally and externally. For example, a misalignment in the lower back could be causing severe pain in the legs or feet. Or a problem in the spine could be leading to a disruption in the metabolic process, thus inhibiting the body from burning calories and properly digesting food.

One major complaint about the weight loss process is how painful it can be and how that pain can actually keep a person from being able to exercise. Chiropractic care can locate the source of that pain and through the application of specific techniques, treat the problem and therefore eradicate the pain. For example, many people who are losing weight will experience joint pain and limited range of motion. Chiropractic techniques can keep the joints loose and prevent injury and inflammation.

It can also spot any misalignments and using manual manipulation, correct those trouble spots, which could be causing pain at any point of the body. Sometimes, pain sufferers do not even know that their headaches, back aches or even sore feet are actually the result of a misalignment. A chiropractic treatment can also help correct spinal problems that are affecting the digestive system and even the thyroid. Nerves from the spinal cord send signals to every part of the body, including all the organs. If a problem in the spine exists, the wrong or interrupted signal will be sent and the affected organs can begin to function incorrectly. Chiropractic care can correct these incorrect signals and send those systems on their way to healthy functionality.

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